All you want to know about compost tumbler

compost tumbler

Nature has been designed beautifully. Ecosystem works on the principle of equilibrium which involves a balance between various living and nonliving components of nature. The best example of this process is the formation of compost, where the waste from household and garden is converted into organic manure. This is done through the breaking up of organic matter by the microorganism using proper mixture of water, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. The compost tumblers are compact containers which are set up in backyards, terrace or gardens for spinning, rotating and turning the compost material. One of the best manufacturers of this relatively popular gardening equipment is envirocyle based in Canada. As reviewed by, organic manure prepared using these tumblers is very effective for plants and is also a great initiation towards cleaner environment through recycling of the waste.

Certain technical specifications and features of these wonder boxes are:
1. The body is made with UV stabilized recycles plastic.
2. It is built on a small and compact base of 2.5 feet by 2 feet, weighing 9 kg, with structural specification of 30.5 inches length, 25.5 inches width and 20.25 inches height.
3. The capacity of these tumblers is 7 cubic feet of volume. The base has a capacity of storing 5 gallons of liquid drained out of the tumbler.
4. These tightly sealed containers avoid any leakage of heat which quickens the complete process.
There are certain benefits as well as drawbacks of using these compact compost drums.

• The composter is very small and compact and can easily fit in the garden, backyard or even a small balcony.
• It keeps pests and insects away because of its design which is slightly elevated from the floor and also airtight closing procedure.
• Some of the benefits of the closed system are that it avoids leakage of moisture and heat which in turn speeds up composting process which required a higher temperature. Also, the awful odor generated due to piled up waste is avoided.
• The barrel of the compost tumbler is easily detachable from the base and can be rolled down to the location where we desire to empty it out. Also, this way it is much easier to clean.
• Due to the hard-outer surface made out of durable material, it can sustain in all weathers and extreme conditions.

• Due to limited capacity constraint, at a time only a small part of compost is processed which takes a considerable time of few hours or days depending upon the result we are desiring.
• It gets heavier once filled up to its full capacity and is difficult to handle and turning it to the appropriate location. Also for some users, there is a problem with lid closing which arises which can make the complete process cumbersome and irritable.
• Unless right proportion of green and brown material is maintained, we cannot get the desired end-product. Also, it gets messier to clean.
Certain things to be kept in mind while using these composters is to maintain right moisture content in a pile to give the whole process right amount of hydration needed. Also, the composting material should be appropriately aerated; there one should frequently turn the drums and check for ventilation areas to be clean and clear to let the air pass through.

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