How To Recognize If A Internet Job Is A Scam

Internet Job Is A Scam

The Internet is a great way for finding your dream job. But there are many jobs which are fake; it is very tough to distinguish a real job from a fake one. There are ads on legit email processing jobs or other work from home jobs offering employment with no prior experience but will require a small amount of money to be paid in advance. Once the money is paid, there is no other contact from the advertiser. The job seeker has no job and also lost money. Reports from state that every day many job seekers are getting duped from scammers using new and innovative ideas to take advantage of the job seekers.
It is important to research and look for any signals that can warn you of a job scam. Below are a few pointers on how to find out if you are getting into a trap of a scammer.

Emails that are sent from personal accounts or has no contact information
If you have received an email which does not include the company’s address and phone number, it could well be a scam. On probing, they might make several excuses for not sending emails from company email account, beware of such companies. Some emails can be fake id’s which looks similar to well-known companies. For example, the scammer might have an email like The real email id of the legit company is

Interviews with messengers
There are many reports of the messenger being very popular among scammers for conducting interviews. If you have applied through the internet and is asked to appear for any interview via a messenger like Yahoo, then it is best to research about the company and the person interviewing before appearing for it. During the meeting do not give out any confidential information like your bank accounts, etc.

Job offer being too good
Finding a job online or otherwise is tough. If the offer is too good, it could well turn out to be fake. Especially, if you have not applied for the job and you have not directly connected them but they contacted you by saying they got your resume online. Beware, if they instantly offer you a job with an excellent package and state you are the best-suited one for the job.

Shoddy Emails
Most emails from scammers are not well written. Companies that are real hire professionals who can write proper emails with no grammatical errors. If you receive an email which has spelling and grammatical errors with improper punctuations, then it’s time a warning sign of a fraud company.

No proper job description
Scammers try to target people by posting simplest of job requirements which state no skills required or no minimum educational qualification required. All they state is the need for internet access. If no specific job requirement is mentioned, it is a fake job.

When it comes to job offers, research the company and trust your gut feeling. Scammers are smart, do not commit or provide any confidential information till you feel confident about the company that is hiring you.

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