The 411 On E-Cigarettes And E-liquids You Always Needed


Cigarettes have been upstaged by e-cigarettes a few years back. But not all of us are aware of what they are made of and how they work. Even if one buys from the best eliquid site, one should be aware of the product that is being purchased. Knowledge and awareness are the keys to good health. As says, it is our choices that affect our health. Here we give you the 411 on all things related to e-cigarettes.

• What are they?
E-cigarettes are shaped like regular cigarettes which contain e-liquid. When the cigarette is heated, an aerosol effect forms and it produces vapor. E-liquid is a solution that can have any kind of flavor along with nicotine, which is the majority ingredient. The liquid also contains:
1. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
2. Propylene Glycol (PG)
An e-liquid is available in bottles. The smallest size is 10 ml besides the sample bottles which is 5ml. An e-cigarette is filled directly from the bottle.

• Are there any options?
E-liquids come at different strength levels. A high strength solution has about 18 to 36 mg of nicotine while a lower level e-liquid can have only 6 to 11 mg. Another variety of e-cigarettes are available that have no nicotine at all, and these are used to break a habit or cut on nicotine consumption. Besides the nicotine level, e-liquids also come in a variety of flavors. These are created to cater to every preference and taste. Some of the flavors are:
1. Cola
2. Strawberry
3. Mint
4. Chocolate
5. Varied tobacco flavor
For first-time users, it is recommended, to begin with, the smallest bottle of a flavor. This will prevent wastage in the event the flavor is not suitable.

• Is it safe?
As long as the e-liquid bottle is handled with care and as the instructions command, they are perfectly safe. As no certified study has been done on the health hazards of e-cigarettes, it is hard to compare them with traditional tobacco cigarettes. But, common sense says that the lesser the amount of nicotine and tobacco the better the option. Since e-cigarettes do not produce tar, harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, they are definitely safer.
For people who are just starting on e-cigarettes, the advice is to pick a low-strength option. This will prevent dizziness and the nauseating feeling. An intense level e-liquid takes time to get used to. It is not just flavor that should be carefully chosen but also the strength.

• Any tips on usage?
Shake up the bottle every once in awhile to ensure that the flavor is evenly distributed. Always ensure that the lid is properly secured before you shake it. For users who prefer a dark colored e-liquid, clean the e-cigarette frequently. These types of juices tend to leave a residue on the atomizer and block the device. Similarly, if a strong flavored juice has been used in the e-cigarette, then clean it put before using another e-liquid. Such flavors tend to leave an aftertaste in the chamber which can spoil the next e-liquid experience.

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