Tips For Beginners On How To Drive A Golf Ball

Anyone who is enthusiastic about playing a game of golf would love to hit the ball far. But without a proper aim there you are at a disadvantage of missing out on your target. There are many gadgets at Gadgets Golf which can help you improve on golf, but practice and patience are needed to develop your skills. Most beginners who can hit the ball long but miss target tend to make changes in the swing when swing becomes inconsistent you score fewer as per reports in Though you want to hit the ball long and hard, you may not know how to do it. Here are some tips on how to drive a golf ball.

Correct golf Setup: A proper setup is needed so that you get the right balance of your body through proper foot placement and posture for a good swing. If you have a right balance, you can hit the ball from the center of the club. A good setup also allows you to maintain your balance when you swing the golf club to hit the ball. With an improper Setup, you will not be able to hit the ball straight. Learning these setup steps will help you to hit straight.

Club behind the ball: Place your club behind the ball first and aim at your target. Always make sure to aim your club at the target and with your feet together. Do not point your body towards the goal but your aim your club. When hitting the ball do not chop into the ground, instead, sweep your club over the field. If your club comes in contact with the ground, ball receives lesser impact and hence will not go as far as intended. So the club head should have half the ball over it to minimize the friction.

Body parallel and club aimed at the target: Your body setup should be in such a way that it is in-line with the goal. You shoulders, feet, etc. should also be aligned to the target line. Your body is parallel to the goal, and this is your body line. Imagine your club and your body to be railway tracks. When you drive a ball to the target, your club goes on one track and your body on the track parallel to the club.

Aiming at the target: You can use any club you are comfortable with, but make sure to point your club at the goal, which is nothing but your target line. Be precise on the target you are focusing on so that you can hit an accurate shot. The club is the one striking the ball so do not position your body towards the target but your club.

Use proper grip: Most people tend to grip the club harder and swing harder to hit the ball long, but this is not needed. If you grasp the club hard, you will not get the consistent results. Your grip should be such that it is neither held too hard nor too soft.

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