Which Is A Healthier Source Of Caffeine? – Yerba Mate Or Coffee!

Beverages are an integral part of our daily routine. Whether, it is the first cup of tea in the morning to kick start your day or spending an evening chatting with friends over coffee, hot or cold drinks make an excellent combination with tasty cookies and cakes. Over the time people have identified healthier options which apart from giving the refreshing feel, also offer a various health benefit. One such magical natural drink identified is Yerba Mate. It was first used by the inhabitants of South America – The Guarani People. The world’s largest yerba Mate producers are from Argentina and Brazil. To know all about its constituents, nutrition value and benefits please visit www.OrganicMate.net. While excess intake of anything might harm your body, but by incorporating habit of drinking health drinks like green tea or yerba mate once a day has different benefits. Please give a read to this interesting article to unfold your opinion regarding the same. www.today.com/series/one-small-thing/top-10-health-benefits-drinking-tea-t81111.

Beverage lovers often compare the two of the most prominent natural sources of caffeine –coffee and Yerba Mate. While they both have their place, here is a quick review which could be helpful to choose the best one for yourself. The best way to make the comparison would be to do a study based on specific parameters.

The origin of coffee has been well heard and researched upon over the years. It comes to the seeds called as coffee beans and found in abundance in Asia and Africa. Yerba Mate traditionally known as “Drink of the gods” is made from nourishing leaves of holly tree Ilex Paraguariensis which primarily contains caffeine, Theophylline, Theobromine. This plant is found in South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, and Chile.

Caffeine Content and Chemical composition
The caffeine content in coffee is 95 mg per cup as compared to Yerba Mate which contains 85 mg per cup. Yerba mate provides particular kind of caffeine known as ‘Mateine.’ The elemental chemical composition of both the beverages is almost the same which includes antioxidants, Xanthine, and polyphenols. But two unique ingredients which make Yerba Mate distinctive are Theobromine and Theophylline which helps dilate blood vessels and helps to cure asthma.

Health benefits
Researchers have proved that including coffee in the regular diet helps in avoiding cardiovascular and neurological ailments, it relaxes nerves and reduces anxiety and other depression symptoms. Some of the most talked about benefits of drinking a cup of yerba mate every morning is, it prevents cancer, heart attack, and brain strokes. It is a rich source of 24 types of minerals and vitamins which helps building up overall mental strength and focus. It also helps in improving metabolism and speeds up weight loss. As a whole, it is a perfect health drink.

Therefore, although coffee and Yerba Mate have their unique properties and advantages, there are few parameters where yerba mate perform better than coffee. Thus, replacing few cups of coffee with this natural drink can be an excellent alternative to opt for. The only issue with Yerba Mate is the slight bitterness. This can be overcome by using various natural flavoring agents like lemon or orange peel, honey, etc.

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